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Home Based Designer Blouse Making Business – Business Plan Checklist

Home Based Designer Blouse Making Business – Business Plan Checklist

Do you want to start a designer blouse making business from home? Do you want to start the business with small capital investment? Read the post to get the every detail about starting a home based designer blouse making business.
A blouse is an essential readymade garment for women. Generally, this apparel was popular in the Asia Pacific region in the ancient time. And women used to wear blouse as the daily wear.
Nowadays, with the changing fashion style, the designer blouse is increasingly popular globally. And women can drape designer blouse with sarees, lehenga and even with some western outfits.
There are several different types of designer blouses are popular now. However, these blouses come with a wide range of designs, patterns, and colors.
Some of the most popular cuts are Backless, Halter Neck, Boat Neck, High Neck, Asymmetric, Collar Neck, Peter Pan Collar, Jacket Style, Knotted Blouse etc.

Who Can Start Designer Blouse Making Business?
If you are passionate about creating designs and patterns, then this business is just perfect for you. Additionally, if you have an educational background of fashion designing, then this is the best self-employment opportunity for you.
Furthermore, housewives and moms can earn a handsome income from this home-based business. Moreover, you must have a passion for crafting designs and patterns for starting this business.

Things To Consider In Starting Designer Blouse Making Business

  • First of all, the business demands certain skill. If you don’t know about designing the blouse then you can attend some sewing classes. Additionally, you can go through several books. Nowadays, there are several designing software are also available and you can use the software.
  • Do some market research. You can get a lot of information from the online shopping sites. You must have a prior idea about the trending patterns and designs
  • Craft a business plan. This is important for every business. You must decide what are the specific designs you will produce. How you will market your product. Who are your target audience etc?
  • Calculate how must startup capital you will need to have to start the business. Generally, there are some investments in the procuring sewing machine, threads, linen etc.
  • Develop a marketing plan. As you are starting the business from home, you must consider promoting the products both in online and offline.

Step-by-step Guide for Starting Designer Blouse Making Business

Compliance & Taxes

Before commencing the business, talk to a tax consultant. You must understand the tax liabilities and compliance liabilities if there is any. And it hugely depends on the location where you want to start the business.

Procure Resources

Procure the machine first. According to your requirement, you will need to choose the right machine. Additionally, you will need to procure other designing materials. This includes colorful threads, beads, mirrors etc. In addition, you will need to purchase the fabric. It is advisable to procure the best quality materials from the reliable suppliers. According to your business size, you may need to recruit employees.

Set up The Business

You must have a specific space in the home. Determine the space and establish the workplace there. Apart from the sewing operation, you must have separate spaces for storage and official work. You can use your own PC or laptop for printing the bills etc.

Promote Your Product

Start sharing about your business with everyone you know. Ask your relatives and friends to try your product. Get the feedback.
Contact with the boutique owners. They are the major retailer of this product. You can sell your product as retail consignment basis.
Additionally, you can sell the product from online marketplaces. Just sign up with seller registration. And upload your items with detail features and price tag.

Finally, you must set up a small online store of your own. And nowadays, with the help of the technology, you can open an online store with small capital investment. From that store customer can directly buy the designer blouse from you.

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Be a  Digital Marketing Agency

Start Digital Marketing Agency Business of Your Own

Starting a digital marketing agency in one of the most lucrative opportunities in the advertising industry. In addition, this is the most trending phenomena these days. However, starting this business demands an adequate knowledge based experience. And if you don’t have the working experience in this field, simply don’t open a digital marketing agency of your own. Because you must know the Trick of the Trade before you accept any work from your clients.
If you are an absolute beginner in this field and want to start this business, you can gain skill and knowledge from courses and classes. And then work with other agencies for sometimes. And finally, start your own company.
Basically, a digital marketing agency provides different types of customized services to the clients. And the work area caters a wide range of segments. Generally, when you market a product or service using different digital technologies, it is called digital marketing. Basically, an agency explores all available digital channels to promote a product or service or build a digital brand. Broadly the digital marketing includes websites, social media platforms, banner placement, email marketing, mobile marketing, SEO, pay per click campaigns, Web TV, SMS, billboards and anything else with a digital foundation.

Why is Digital Marketing Agency Lucrative Business?

Globally, the internet user population is increasing very fast. And more and more companies are showing immense interest in the digital advertising. Basically, a company’s marketing budgets represent 12% of total company revenues and this is expected to grow even further.
Generally, most of the companies outsource the digital marketing activities. Some of the most important digital marketing activities are web presence (website), digital commerce and digital advertising. However, the companies invest the maximum in the digital marketing segment in eCommerce, social media marketing, content creation and mobile marketing. Therefore, starting a digital marketing agency is a lucrative opportunity for the entrepreneurs.
Digital Marketing Agency Business Plan Sample Checklist
In starting the business, you must have a business plan ready in your hand. Do some market research. As this is an internet based business, it is easier to get information than a conventional industry. Basically, you can check the renowned company websites who are already in this field. You can have a clear conception about the services they are offering. And this will help you in crafting your own business plan.

First of all, determine your target audience. And the list of services you want to offer. Additionally, you have to determine the tariff plan also. However, sometimes you have to send your customer customized quotation. Never mix up the business with SEO Consulting. Basically, digital marketing company caters a wide range of services including SEO.
Business Compliance
You have to register your business with Federal Authority. And you need to take necessary permissions for starting and running the business. Additionally, check the upcoming tax liabilities. It is advisable to talk to a local small business consultant of your area.
Setup & Staffing
You can start the agency from your home also if you start the business as self-employment basis. However, a full-scale company will give your more revenue and profit both. According to your business plan and investment capacity, set up the office. Hire quality manpower who can add value to your organization. Treat your employees with respect and give them freedom in their specific work area. Basically, digital marketing is an industry where many people work under pressure to meet deadlines. That’s why it’s important the company you create is friendly and approachable to all.
Promote Your Digital Marketing Agency
Promotion is the most important aspect of this business. A planned promotion will help you to get online leads and customers. Additionally, it enhances the brand reputation also. Getting people to know your product is the first step towards making them an active consumer. You must have your own website with the entire information about the products and contact address. Additionally, use the social media judiciously. Put your emphasis on the content marketing, email marketing, and social media marketing. You can also invest on PPC ads. Moreover, you must have an advertising budget to promote your digital marketing agency business.

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Beauty Salon Business | Small Business Idea

Beauty Salon Business Plan Guide – Checklist

A Beauty salon or beauty parlors provide products and services that enhance client’s physical appearances and mental relaxation. This is one of the most trending beauty business ideas in the retail segment.
Selecting right location, efficient manpower and proper sales promotional activity is required in starting this business. Find here a free beauty salon business plan guide and step by step guide on starting beauty salon business.
Opening a beauty salon is a lucrative and also a competitive business. It comes with high startup cost and a large number of competitors. It is important to have specific knowledge about hair, beauty, and personal care. In initiating a beauty salon business any aspiring beauty professional must have business management expertise to successfully run the business.
You can start beauty salon business by two ways. One is by purchasing a franchise of a reputed brand or establishing your own business.

Beauty Salon Business Plan

In starting this type of cash-intensive business, crafting a business plan is a must. You will need to determine what are the services you will offer. How much of floor space you want? What will be your target demographic? What is your business objective? Accordingly calculate your startup cost investment with rent, equipment, manpower, beauty products and other utilities.
In the case of buying a franchise, parent company generally provides operating software. While you are opening your own you must purchase the software of your own. Crafting a marketing plan is also must. Following these steps will definitely help you in running the business smoothly and getting the confidence of investors also.

Legalities – Beauty Salon Business 

Different states and Government Authority issue different license and permission for different specific services. Check it out with a local attorney. In any case registering the business is a must. In addition to this, craft a stylish easy-to-spell ‘name’ for your salon. Protect the name by registering Trade Mark.

Services – Beauty Salon Business 

Different types of salon services are there. You need to choose according to the style trends and your own expertise. You can broadly find four categories such as hair, nails, skincare and makeup. Selecting the services typically depends on the store size. However, you must offer the basic services.
Hair: Haircut, relaxers, perms, colors, shampoo, conditioning, curling, reconstructing, weaving, eyebrows, treatment, hair spa, hair removal etc.
Nails: Manicure, pedicure, polish, nails sculpture, Acrylic nail application etc.
Skin care: Facial, waxing, massage, tan removing, spa, paraffin treatments, Hydrotherapy treatments, body piercing, exfoliation etc.
Makeup: Bridal makeup, party makeover etc.

Salon Setup – Beauty Salon Business 

  • The most important factor in getting success in salon business is retail location. Location with numbers of footfall, wide storefront, and available parking is the great option. Never compromise in choosing the best location. Your entire emphasis and investment will stand on only this. Carefully check the rent agreement before signing.
  • Pay attention on interior and exterior too. It is advisable to consult with an interior expert. You must design the store attractive, comfortable and well arranged. Drawing a floor plan prior is a must.  Measure the length and width of the space and keep those dimensions in mind when coming up with your design. Place the waiting lounge and cash register toward the front, and put mirrors, salon chairs and hair drying and shampoo equipment in other parts of the salon.   Separate treatment rooms are needed for wet and dry services. Group similar equipment together. Pick a color and theme and use it carefully in interior designing.
  • Purchase salon furniture that fits your interior theme, color structure and layout. Your clients need to feel comfortable, relaxed, and clean when they visit your salon or spa, and the furniture and spa equipment you choose will set the mood. Each service in a beauty salon will require a specific piece of equipment. Once you finalize the kind of services your salon would be catering to, you can think of wash basins, the latest hair styling equipment for perming and hair straightening, hair dryers, supply trolleys, etc. Salon equipment is generally expensive, and hence, it is best to purchase directly from distributors. Check the warranty period before placing the order.
  • You will need to purchase a Point Of Sale software for daily basis operations, tracking records and data analysis.
  • Fix pricing carefully. Your direct, Indirect and labor costs are variable costs and will increase as sales increase, but fixed costs stay fixed regardless of the sales you make. Check the tariff of your competitors also.

Salon Staffing – Beauty Salon Business Plan

Proper manpower planning is one of the most challenging issue in starting beauty salon or spa. In fact employees are the front-line representatives of the business. Their skill and talent, as well as their attitudes and work ethic, will influence every aspect of the business, from client retention rate to the bottom line. The main key responsibility areas are salon manager, hair stylist, cosmetologist, receptionist, manicurist, massage therapist, salon assistant etc.

Promote Your Beauty Salon

Brand promotion is important is beauty salon business. The success of any growing a salon depends on generating a core group of regular clients and treating them with the respect they deserve. Place advertisement on the local directories like Yellow pages. Do some outdoor media advertisement. Concentrate on in-store branding.
You may offer special discounts for higher purchase. You may launch customer loyalty card concept. Clients who sign up can enjoy more discounts and offers on the services. Pay attention on online promotion also. Creating your own website and social media activity will definitely help you in online leads generation.
List your business on popular web directories. Your business website, web directories, your Facebook page, handouts, flyers and even your local newspaper – any place you feature your business should include a call-to-action.
A call-to-action can be anything from “Call for a free consultation!” to a cut-out coupon or even a small discount on one’s next visit. You can also offer and promote ‘daily deals’. This discount will need to be higher than other smaller incentives.
Foot Note:
Starting a beauty salon business isn’t easy. It requires investments in time, money and your opportunity cost of working elsewhere. Having true passion, risk taking ability and business operational skill any individual can initiate beauty salon business even then also when he/she doesn’t have professional beauty or health care skill.
Hope this beauty salon business plan will be useful in starting your beauty salon business.
 T-Shirt Printing | Small Business Idea

T Shirt Printing | Profitable Small Business Ideas

The T shirt printing business is now a multi billion dollar industry, and it can be relatively inexpensive to start a small scale venture. A compelling T shirt design and a catchy phrase attract customers. There are many ways to print T shirts and prospective entrepreneurs must first investigate the market before investing in a print method.
Screen printing is a longer learning process than other method but is the most cost effective for large orders. Heat-transfer and digital ink-jet printing methods require less training but print slower and are best for small quantity order and single shirt sale. T shirt printing operations do not require a lot of space and can be run from home or in a spare room. Your business success depends on adequate preparation, whether you are running it online, at home or from a commercial location.

Do Your Research For T Shirt Printing Business

Make sure you are knowledgeable about the clothing industry. Investigate your market to decide which shirt-printing method is right for you. Get an understanding of how the business works. Target a specific section of the market for your T shirts. Study established T shirt companies to learn business methods that could contribute to your success. Learn the T shirt printing technique.

Prepare Business Plan For T Shirt Printing Business

Before you get started, have clear ideas of what you plan on doing. Decide the factors like what kind of T shirt you plan on selling. who will be your target niche? Whether you will go for only online market or you will be aiming to sell in store. Plan a marketing strategy with the help of the small business advisors. Identify your brand values, mission, objectives, strategies, goals and long term mission.

Know The Finance For T Shirt Printing Business

Estimate the cost of start up capital to start your T shirt printing business. You need to calculate machinery cost, manpower cost, raw material and promotional cost in majors. Financing options are money from your savings, funding from family and friends, angel investors and a loan from bank.

Compliance For T Shirt Printing Business

Register your business first. You can setup an One person Company or LLP or Pvt. Ltd. or Ltd. Company. Obtain a trade license from local authority. You can register your T Shirt printing business as SSI Unit. Obtain sale tax registration and go for trade mark registration for your brand name.

Get Resources For T Shirt Printing Business

The first important thing is machinery. According to your plan purchase proper machines for your T Shirt printing business. Check the prices from different manufacturers. Check on-site warranty period and training. Check the client testimonials before furnishing final order. You may use your home computer, but it will require a professional graphic arts program and printer.
Second most important thing is raw material. While you will be making customized printing client’s specification requirement should be the final words. In case of making your own brand consider to have better quality T Shirts for printing.
Hire skilled and experienced manpower for your T Shirt printing business. In product business quality assurance leads to generate satisfied customers. It means growing the business.

Promote Your T Shirt Printing Busines

Promote your business offline and online both.
You can start selling by establishing business relationship with local retail owners.
Establish your own distribution retail network.
Concentrate on institutional sale with customized T Shirt printing
Establish your own business website, featuring all the products with price and MOQ.
Go for some press releases to blogs and social networking.
Go for both free and paid advertising planning
Find smart ways to balance paid promotions with free promotion to create an excellent marketing strategy.
Ask satisfied customers to refer you to the other prospects, to help grow your business.
Be passionate about your venture. Your passion will definitely show in your brand image.

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Toothpaste Manufacturing Business

Toothpaste Production | Small Business Opportunity

Toothpaste production with allied products like tooth powder and toothpaste in gel form requires a wide activity of sourcing inventory, manufacturing, marketing and distribution. Toothpaste is a household consumable goods and generally comes as either white abrasive pastes or clear gels.
The global toothpaste market is on the threshold of a new phase with the advent of new bio-technologies that help curb problems of sensitivity and enable the re-growth of teeth. Oral care is undergoing significant changes with innovative and fresh products motivating people to alter their oral hygiene habits. The world toothpaste industry to reach US$12.6 Billion by 2015, According to a New Report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc.
The toothpaste market is not price sensitive and brand loyalty plays an important role in majority of the customers. The product has a good scope and opportunity for the entrepreneurs who really want to establish a profitable business in household consumable goods industry.

Toothpaste Production Business Plan

In starting toothpaste production business a detailed comprehensive plan is an utmost necessity. There are different variety of toothpaste can be made. Selecting the right category is important. Different varieties are white toothpaste, gel toothpaste, ayurvedic toothpaste and tooth powder; white or coloured. You must select the variety and accordingly plan for marketing strategy. According to the product you will need to focus on target niche. Determine your business objective, mission statement and goals. By having a customized project report you will find the financial aspects also. Calculate the startup budget with working capital needed.

Toothpaste Production Business Compliance 

Several different types of permission and licenses are required for toothpaste production. It hugely depends as per your location and local state laws. Registration of business according to your ownership pattern is must. In India, you will need to obtain Trade License, Factory License and Vat Registration. Apply for ‘Consent to Establish’ and ‘Consent to Operate’ both from Pollution Control Board. Also you will need to have EPF & ESI registration. According to your product specification apply for ISI mark from BIS Certification Authority.

Machinery & Raw Materials For Toothpaste Production

According to the desired specific product you will need to choose the right machinery. Taking proper expert’s advice is always recommended. Common required machinery are shear mixer machine, injection shoulder, weighing scale, filling and sealing machine. A small laboratory setup is also important for research & development purpose.
In manufacturing different types of toothpaste different raw material is used. It also depends according to the formula. General required raw materials are Allantoin, Aluminium Lactate, Bronopol, Calcium Carbonate, Sorbitol 70%, Sodium monofluorphosphate, Ethylvanillin etc. Procure all the raw materials from reliable chemical manufacturer or supplier.
As toothpaste is a consumer durable item you have to pay attention on packaging. Different small and big retail packaging should be launched. Toothpaste normally comes in tube form. You will need to gather required packaging consumables like tube, card board box and outer carton for wholesale delivery.
Setup Your Toothpaste Production Business 
Selecting a right location for toothpaste production company is important. It is advisable to establish the toothpaste manufacturing operation within a Industrial Zone. By doing this you will get some certain advantages such as commercial electric connection, sufficient water supply, availability of labour with uniform wages, smooth transport facility and many more. You may establish your admin and marketing office at other place. For smooth accounting, administration and production operation you may need to have an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Software.

Human Resource For Toothpaste Production

Toothpaste production business involves the wide activity of factory operation, marketing, sales, accounting and admin operation. It is advisable to craft a HR Manual in initiation stage of the organization. According to the demand you will need to recruit the specific experienced and skilled manpower. In factory operation, recruitment of a ‘Chemist’ is beneficial and sometime mandatory. Apart from this identifying the proper and effective position and recruitment of right and capable manpower is an important factor in getting overall success.

Promote Your Toothpaste Production Business 

Huge brand promotion and media promotion is required. Electronics media like television and radio are the most effective medium to promote this type of product. Do some outdoor advertising activity too. Online promotion is also important. Create your own organization’s website with every detail information about the product and the company. Focusing a targeted niche and doing sales promotion according to that is the only effective way to get success.

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Nylon Production | Small Business Idea
Nylon production business is perfect for those who have technical skill and knowledge about the production process and market. Nylon is considered as a synthetic polymer (PE Films) and refers to a segment of polymers called linear poly amides. Globally, nylon demand is expected to increase from 2.3 percent to 3.5 percent from 2013-18. Nylon is more popular as fiber used in manufacturing of carpets and stockings. However a significant part of the global nylon production is utilized in production of engineering polymers.

Market Opportunity For Nylon Production

Some of the major products where nylon is used as a potential raw materials, are blouses, dresses, foundation garments, hosiery, lingerie, underwear, raincoats, ski apparel, windbreakers, swimwear, cycle wear, home furnishings, Bedspreads, carpets, curtains, upholstery etc. Apart from these nylon has a very potential industrial applications also. Such as tire cord, hoses, conveyor and seat belts, parachutes, racket strings, ropes and nets, sleeping bags, tarpaulins, tents, thread, mono filament fishing line, dental floss and packaging industry. The demand of nylon fiber is ever increasing and initiating a nylon production business is a profitable small scale manufacturing opportunity world wide.

Characteristics Of Nylon That Has Made Nylon Production Profitable

Some of the beneficial characteristics of nylon fiber is actually responsible in making nylon so popular and effective raw material in various different industry. Nylon is
  • Exceptionally strong
  • Elastic
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Lustrous
  • Easy to wash
  • Resistant to damage from oil and many chemicals
  • Can be precolored or dyed in wide range of colors
  • Resilient
  • Melts instead of burning
  • Transparent to infrared light (−12 dB)
  • Low in moisture absorbency
  • Filament yarns provide smooth, soft, long-lasting fabrics
  • Spun yarns lend fabrics light weight and warmth

Nylon Production Business Plan

In starting a nylon production business, creating a comprehensive business plan in mandatory. A well-written business plan will help you in getting finance and in day-to-day business operation. First you must take decision about what specific quality of nylon you will going to produce. Before taking the decision, doing an intensive market research is advisable. You will need to determine the manufacturing process, required machinery, raw material, staffing and marketing plan. These will help you in getting a feasibility study about the business, figuring out how much startup capital you actually need including fixed and working capital.

Location & Nylon Production Unit 

In initiating a nylon production company, selecting a right location for manufacturing activity is important. First check the license and permissions that are needed from Government Authority of your location. Select a place that allow you to get smooth processing of licensing factors such as factory permission and pollution no objection (if required). Commercial electricity is also required. It is always recommended to select a place within industrial zone.

Nylon Production Machinery & Raw Materials

In initiating a small scale nylon production unit, you can go for a semi-automatic process. Main required machinery are extruder, blower, cutting machine, punching machine and sealing machine. According to your specific requirement with desire production output, you can start manufacturing with locally fabricated machines. As your business grows, you can shift your manufacturing operation to a fully automatic mode.
Major raw materials for nylon production are bye products of petrochemical processing that are obtained from refineries. These main raw materials are polythene and polyethylene. Other basic petrochemical products from which nylon is made include Escorene, Lupene, Dow, B.A.S.F. etc.

Nylon Production Process

There are two common methods of making nylon for fiber applications. One method is, molecules with an acid (COOH) group on each end are reacted with molecules containing amine (NH2) groups on each end. The resulting nylon is named on the basis of the number of carbon atoms separating the two acid groups and the two amines. Thus nylon 6,6 which is widely used for fibers is made from adipic acid and hexamethylene diamine. The two compounds form a salt, known as nylon salt, an exact 1:1 ratio of acid to base. This salt is then dried and heated under vacuum to eliminate water and form the polymer.
Another method, a compound containing an amine at one end and an acid at the other is polymerized to form a chain with repeating units of (-NH-[CH2]n-CO-)x. If n=5, the nylon is referred to as nylon 6, another common form of this polymer. The commercial production of nylon 6 begins with caprolactam uses a ring-opening polymerization.
In both cases, the polyamide is melt spun and drawn after cooling to give the desired properties for each intended use. Industrial nylon production and carpet fibers begin with an aqueous solution of monomers and proceeds continuously through polymerization, spinning, drawing, or draw-texturing.
Like any manufacturing initiative, nylon production business also demands core emphasis on design, integration, improvement of the manufacturing system and process. As nylon production is a B2B business, networking and company promotion is important in getting success.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Matchstick Manufacturing Project Business Plan

Matchstick manufacturing business can be initiated as a small scale with maintaining safety measures strictly. Matchsticks are consumer durable product and the demand is growing day-by-day. An entrepreneur having knowledge in channel distribution can start matchstick manufacturing business with moderate capital investment.
You need to concentrate in selecting a location fit for this business. Matchstick manufacturing is all about dealing with hazardous and explosive items. It is recommended to set the unit in an industrial zone. Otherwise, you will need to submit ‘No Objection’ from the neighbours where you are establishing the unit.

Business Plan for Matchstick Manufacturing Business

Create a comprehensive business plan for matchstick manufacturing business. Determine your business objective and selling strategy. It is always recommended to have a customized project report in hand. It will give you the proper information about the capital investment, machinery, raw materials needed and where to source. Get the production protocol with right formula from a reliable source.

Legal Compliances for Matchstick Manufacturing Business

Determine the legal pattern for the business. Obtain ‘consent to establish’ and ‘consent to operate’ permission from Pollution Control Board. It is also needed to get permission from the fire department. Obtain factory license from the Govt. department. Concentrate on safety and fire precaution process. Obtain sales tax registration from Govt. authority.

Machinery and Raw Materials for Matchstick Manufacturing Business Start your production unit through a semi-automatic process. Previously matchstick production was labour intensive. Now different machinery is available for production of a matchstick in a semi-automatic or an automatic process. Take the training from the suppliers. Check their client testimonials before purchase. The main raw material is the wooden stick. Other necessary raw materials are potassium chlorate, phosphorus sesquisulfide, glass powder, zinc oxide, glue, colour dye etc. Also, you need to have match box and outer box for packaging. Source the raw material from reliable vendors in reasonable price. Marketing of Matchstick Manufacturing Business As matchsticks are consumer durable product it demands branding activity to get the market share. Matchsticks are sold in volume. The success of this business depends on the strong channel network. Start selling locally. Offer your channel partners lucrative business deal.

In matchstick manufacturing business you need to concentrate on quality and packaging of your product. Establish business tie-up with the retail brands. Ensure the availability of your product at every retail store in the area you are doing business.